10 Basic Interior Design Tips

Decorating your entire home can be a daunting experience.  This is especially true if it is a brand new home.  All those bare walls!  You hate to put holes in the walls and make marks.  Where should you position the furniture?  And paint!  What type of paint will look best (or should you go for wallpaper)?

While there is a variety of different software on the market that can help you with interior design tips, including 3-D software that can allow you to see how your room can look with certain furnishings and colors, you can also learn about décor the old fashioned way.  Here are 10 basic interior design tips that you can use in any situation:   

Hang photographs and pictures at eye level.  Make them about five and a half feet off of the ground.  If you are tall or short, you may tend to hand pictures too high or too low.  Five and half feet is a good mid point to hang pictures that so that they will not look awkward on your walls.  If you go into a model home, take notice of how high the pictures are hung and you will see they are about this height from the ground.

Make sure the bottom of all wall hangings are even.  If you have a large wall, you may prefer to do a grouping on the wall instead of hanging a large painting.  Large paintings are outdated and most people prefer groupings of not only paintings but other wall art objects as well. One of the most basic of interior design tips is that the bottom of your groupings be even with one another.  The top of the grouping can reach different levels, but the bottom should be even. 

You can paint the ceiling the same color as the walls.  Do not think that you have to keep the ceilings white.  You can paint the ceiling the same color as the walls.  This is called alfresco style and it enables you to paint the room much quicker as you do not have to cut into the ceiling.  This can save you quite a bit of time and can make the paint job look nicer, especially if you are an amateur. 

Pick two or three colors and carry them through the house.  Having different colors in every room is a decorating faux pas.  The exception, of course, is children’s rooms.  The rest of the rooms throughout your house should carry a certain color scheme. 

Use your favorite colors, not trendy colors.  If you choose your favorite colors, you will not get sick of them, they will not be dated and you will enjoy your rooms all the more.  Make sure the colors that you choose are something that you like, not something someone else likes.

Make the most of lighting.  Do not neglect the power of lighting in room décor.  One of the best interior design tips you can get is to study the effects of lighting in your rooms and make sure that you have focal lighting as well as functional lighting in each room.

The largest piece of furniture should go against the longest wall.  This is another of the most basic interior design tips that is timeless.  This is a tip for a room that is average sized or small.  By employing this logic, you will maximize the space in the room.

In large rooms, do not think you have to put all furniture against the walls.  Many people who move from a small home to a larger home make the mistake of thinking that they have to place all furniture against the walls to make more space.  This usually makes the room look cold and uncomfortable.  In larger rooms, you should make inviting areas in which to sit.

Make sure each room looks inviting.  This is one of the most important interior design tips that you can learn.   The most important thing you can do when it comes to décor is to make your home a place where people will feel comfortable and relaxed.

Give your home your style, not someone else’s style.  Even if you hire an interior designer, make sure that your home reflects your own personal style in some manner.  It is true that your home is your castle.  Make your home your own personal palace by taking advantage of these basic interior design tips and adding your own personal touch in each room.