How To Make The Most Of An Interior Design Show

If you are in the field of interior design and want to gain the maximum exposure for your talents, you may want to participate in an interior design show.  An interior design show will showcase the talents of professionals in your field to the public.  People generally do not pay a fee to enter these shows and many go just for something to do.  About ten percent of the people who attend an interior design show are doing so to engage an interior designer. 

You can make the most of your time at an interior design show by presenting a professional looking booth complete with portfolio photos and, if possible, a video demonstration.  Because video technology is so easily accomplished today, it is suggested that you include both a video tour as well as still photographs of the homes in which you decorate.  Presenting the video tour at your interior design show can be easily accomplished by renting projection equipment and including a screen in the back of your booth. 

Brochures depicting your work should also be created and handed out to potential clients at the interior design show.  These should not only depict your work, but have creative text as well as contact information,

One way you can procure potential clients is to offer a raffle drawing.  The prize can be a free decorating evaluation of the winner’s home.  Of course, everyone will win.  This can get you in the door to talk to the homeowner and give them some tips but at the same time give you an opportunity to sell your interior design services.

If you attend an interior design show that is a trade show and thus only open to other interior designers, you should also take this opportunity to meet with vendors that have products which you will be using in your designs.  In many cases, you can work out a partnership with some vendors.  Vendors often meet clients who want interior design services that the vendors cannot provide.  It pays for you to attend an interior design show for vendors so that you can network. 

The more people who know you and know your work, the better opportunity you have of getting a steady client base.  The interior design business is very viral.  This means that word of your services will tend to be spread from mouth to mouth rather than by someone reading your ad in the newspaper or phone director.  You should still choose to advertise in these venues, however, so that someone who hears about you can find your contact information.

If you are an interior designer, you can use every type of interior design show to your best advantage.  Those that are aimed at consumers can be used in a variety of ways to meet clients and the trade shows can be used to meet vendors.  You will need both if you are to be successful in the field of interior design.