How To Use Interior Design Magazines

Do you like the country look?  Or are you the type who admires the traditional décor in a home?  Are you decorating on a budget or do you have money to burn?  No matter what your tastes or budget, there are interior design magazines geared towards you.  You can learn a lot from these magazines as each publication is filled with tips on how to use fabric, furnishing, paint, lighting and space, to your best advantage.

Interior design magazines are usually around $5 each at the local bookstore, supermarket or drug store.  You can always save money if you decide to get a subscription to the magazine.  If you find a magazine that you like, you should entertain the idea of subscribing to the magazine for a year or two to save as much as 50 percent off the cover price.

Before you decide on which one of the many interior design magazines are for you, you should take a look at the different options that are available to you online.  You can find a list of magazines you never even knew existed if you just take a look on the internet.  If you are living in an area where there are few stores and no large bookstores, for example, you may be subjected to having only “Better Homes And Gardens” as your home design mentor.  While there is nothing wrong with this excellent publication that has been around for quite a long time, it is also better to branch out and get some advice from magazines that zero in on your particular taste, style or needs.

There are magazines that are devoted to Southern Living and depict the décor of the south as well as styles of Southern type homes in an attempt to lure the reader into learning about this type of decorating style.  Traditional Home is another publication that focuses on the use of lighting and the arrangement of furniture in a traditional setting. 

Country Home and Country Living magazines both reached their peak popularity in the 1980s but are still published today, although the décor styles have changed considerably in the last two decades.  Country Living is devoted to people who have homes in the country or who like the style. 

There are also specialty publications that come out periodically and are published by the mainstream publications such as Better Homes and Gardens and Vogue for Homes.  These interior design magazines will not come out often, but usually focus on one particular subject, for example, painting.  They can be extraordinarily helpful when someone is trying to combat a certain project in their home.

Home design magazines are also made for specific rooms in the home.  There are those that are made strictly for bedrooms as well as bathrooms and kitchens.  These usually reflect a myriad of different styles as well as give tips and ideas for how to decorate or redecorate these rooms. 

No matter what you are seeking when it comes to interior design magazines, you can find one specifically for your purposes.  When you are planning on decorating or renovating a room, find the right magazine for you that will encompass your style as well as give you valuable tips that you can use in your home improvement project.