Ways To Get A Good Interior Design Job

There are many different ways to get a good interior design job.  If you have studied interior design and have passed your courses, chances are that you are a creative individual.  This is good because you need to be creative in order to get your foot in the door of this prosperous but competitive field. 

One of the best ways to get an interior design job is to donate your services to a builder in exchange for recognition.  Builders are always looking for someone to decorate their model homes.  Although the building industry is not at its zenith at the moment, there are still new subdivisions being built with new model homes.  Actually, the slump in the building trade may be a plus for you as a builder will welcome a designer who will work for an opportunity to build a name.

This does not mean that you have to purchase all of the materials.  The builder will give you a budget and you can work within that budget to decorate the house.  Instead of taking a fee for yourself, you can request that you put your cards around the model home so people can see that you did the decorating.  This is one way to advertise your services to others and even get some experience under your belt.

Once you have completed your decorating project, you should take photographs of the project for your portfolio so that you can show potential customers a project that you completed.

Speaking of portfolios, you are going to need a professional portfolio if you are to woo clients.  The portfolio should consist of several different rooms that you decorated and the photographs of the rooms should be of professional quality.  If possible, you should have different styles of décor, including traditional, modern and country.  The more versatile you are as an interior designer, the better your chances of landing an interior design job.

Another good way to get an interior design job is to join your local chamber of commerce and set up a booth at their functions.  You can exhibit photographs of the homes that you decorated and give each person who visits your booth an entry ticket to complete for a free decorating tip consultation.  This is really just a way to get names of people who may be interested in hiring you to decorate their homes.  Once you have your foot in the door, you can use your marketing skills to sell your services.  Even if they are not interested, they may know someone else who is interested in hiring a decorator and they can keep you in mind.

The more people who know about your services, the better.  That is why it is a good idea to network with other individuals in the building trades as much as possible.  You should also get in the habit of carrying business cards and talking to strangers.  Whenever you get an opportunity, talk about your business to anyone who may be interested.  Most business leads come from word of mouth, especially in the interior design field.  You cannot be shy about promoting yourself. 

Do everything you can to try to get your first, second and third interior design job and then watch as the word gets out and clients start coming to you.