Different Types Of Interior Design Companies

There are many different types of interior design companies where you can work upon obtaining your degree in interior design.  If you are a client who wishes to find an interior decorator, you can also find many options in large interior design companies. 

Some interior design companies work strictly for architectural firms.  Their primary focus is the use of space and interior layouts.  While they are not architects by nature, they employ their skills to help such firms make the best use of space as well as create safe traffic flow patterns in the interior of homes and businesses. 

Other interior design companies act as consultants for businesses.  They employ space planners who teach business how to maximize the use of space.  When we imagine interior designers, we often picture interior decorators who design homes.  This is probably because it is the most glamorous facet of the field.  However, think about the person who designs a store layout - they are also an interior designer.  They worked with space and décor in order to make a store more attractive.  Most large interior design companies work with businesses and not individuals.

Working for one of the large interior design companies is a bonus for anyone who graduates with a degree in this field.  Most likely, a person just starting out will have to start at the bottom, but can learn skills that can enable him or her to either move up the corporate ladder or begin a business of their own.   Not everyone who enters the interior design field has plans to open their own business.  Many people are quite content to have steady employment with a large firm that offers insurance and retirement benefits. 

There are also interior design companies that perform interior decorating for individual homeowners.  Many of these personal interior design companies employ decorative painters, artists, furniture upholsters and other independent contractors in order to assist people in home décor.  Most home interior design companies focus more on specific contracting such as painting instead of entire home decorating.

Interior design companies that will provide all of the entire decorating in your home are usually owned and operated by one or two people as there are more people who are willing to provide this service than people who are willing to pay for it.  Because the business of interior design is so competitive, a person who wants to be successful in this field must develop a certain niche of their own.  In addition to just performing decorating, an interior designer will also find it profitable to teach decorating classes as well as perform other duties.   Due to the strong competition in this field, many people who seek employment with interior design companies specialize in space planning for businesses or offices. 

You can find many different types of interior design companies wherever you look, especially in large cities such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.   Businesses need these services, but this is a luxury to individuals.  You will find interior design companies that cater to homeowners in more affluent areas of town.